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We can sell the home, the contents, or both!

We are a full-service company offering Real Estate Services as well as Personal Property Liquidation. Our services include the listing and sale of real estate and the liquidation of the contents of an estate via a professionally conducted estate sale on premises.

Owner, Robin Burgarella, is a licensed Realtor with 10 years of real estate experience. She is affilliated with Dale Sorensen Real Estate, the largest and most respected real estate company in the area. Robin has had real estate licenses in Connecticut, California and Florida and has listed and sold hundreds of properties.

Why Have me List Your Home and handle Your Estate Sale? There are 7 GREAT reasons below!

  • On my worst attended sale I still had 150 people per day attend!!  In a typical 2-day sale, you can expect that 300 to 600 people will view your home.  I can personally guarantee that there is NO other method offered by any broker or agent in the area that will get you that much traffic through the door.  Granted, not all the people viewing and shopping in your home will be a real estate buyer, but they usually know friends/relatives who are and word will spread!
  • Best opportunity for multiple buyers/offers.  I usually list a home just a few days before the estate sale so as to capitalize on the newness of the listing coupled with the high volume of traffic sure to follow a few days later at the estate sale.  All of this is in an attempt to solicit multiple offers and maximize the amount of profit you receive from both sales.

  • I post flyers all over the house stating "this home is for sale too!" with info about the home.  I also put flyers with the homes details, price, etc in every shopping bag so buyers will take your property information home with them.
  • My proprietary and alternate forms of advertising get results!  In addition to the 900+ websites your home will be listed on with Dale Sorensen Real Estate, your property will also be advertised on all of my Estate Sales websites (EstateSales.org, EstateSales.net, EstateSale.com, to name a few) plus an ad will be posted in the local newspaper in the estate sale section describing the estate sale and information about the home sale as well.

  • I personally attend and supervise 99% of my estate sales so I am on-site to answer all inquiries from home buyers and can write up an offer on the spot if necessary.
  • I have owned a retail store in the past so I know the importance of proper display and arrangement of items for sale.  I will set up your estate sale to resemble a retail store showroom and EVERYTHING in the home will get a price tag with a description of the item, price, and barcode.  My staff and I clean all dirty items and will do a light cleaning on the house prior to the sale.  I run a very professionally conducted and fair sale so my regular attendees (and new buyers too) just assume that my professionalism, fairness and organizational skills transfer to the real estate aspect of a sale as well.  Buyers assume that a neat and well-maintained estate sale equals a neat and well-maintained home.

  • Will another agent vacuum your home and clean it up for you?  I will!  After the estate sale I will vacuum the home, wipe down the counters and spruce up at no additional charge.  I can even pack up any leftovers that didn't sell at the estate sale, arrange for a charity to pick them up and have the house in broom-clean condition for a new buyer to move right in!

Be sure to visit my Real Estate website at www.YourAgentRobin.com or call me today at 772-913-0533 for a confidential consultation.

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