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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions:
If you don’t see an answer to your question here… Please just ask!

Ok, so this isn’t a question but... please do not throw anything away at all! We will sell any and everything as long as it’s legal! Every item of clothing, cleaning supplies, every nut in bolt in the garage! So first rule of order, do not throw anything away until after our initial consultation with you.

What areas do you work in?
Predominantly the Treasure Coast and Space Coast areas of Florida however, we are willing to travel to handle a sale for you.

I have to sell my home too, should I list the home for sale first or have an estate sale first?
Every home and situation is different so I would recommend you call for a FREE Consultation before doing anything. The consulation will include a free valuation and market analysis of your home, estimate of contents, and opinion on the best way to market both to maximize the amount of profit from both sales.

Do you do off site sales?
Yes, if it will be cost effective for you, we can arrange to have the contents of the home moved to an offsite location and have the sale there. We can also offer a buy-out of your contents for rush situations or if you are in a community which does not allow estate sales.

We don’t live in the area but need your help can you still help us?
Absolutely! This is a very common occurrence for us. If you are handling an estate long distance, we can help you find the family treasures you want to keep and ship them to you, email the contracts to you, arrange for key pick up and handle the entire estate sale even though you do not live in the area.

How do you know what to price things at and determine values of items?
There are many variables to this question. #1 would be experience. Having run estate sales for a lengthy period, and having owned and operated a thrift/retail store has really given me the knowledge to price most items. I can typically look at any item and determine immediately if it has exceptional value. If I'm unsure of the margin, I can look up items in one of the valuation websites I pay for subscriptions to. Markets and prices do change often, and there have been billions of items bought in sold in the last 100 years. If I'm unsure about an item, I am never too proud to tell that I will need to do more research to be sure we don't leave any money on the table.

Do you charge a state sales tax at your sales?
Yes, we are a full-time, Professional Estate Sale Company, Florida State Law requires that we charge a sales tax. We follow the law.

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry liability insurance. We ask that you keep homeowners insurance for the estates protection on the property during the sale as well.

Who usually hires you?
Great question! People moving down into a smaller home or assisted living situations, executors, conservators, Attorneys, trustees, Real Estate Agents, and family members. People going through foreclosure that need to move. Even Bankruptcy trustees. Everything is handled discreetly and professionally. We can handle everything from mega family estates to small snowbird condos.

Do you sell vehicles and boats?

Yes, absolutely

Do you pay the cost for all advertising?

Yes, this is part of the % of sale we charge. We run ads in the local newspapers for each sale, pay hundreds of dollars a month to be on all the major estate sale websites, and plenty more.

What percentage do you charge?

Between 35 and 40% depending on sale location and contents. This includes all advertising costs, preparing the sale, pricing all items, credit card fees, as well as running the sale and all additional staff members during event too.

How do we know if we have enough stuff for a sale?

We offer a FREE consultation, at that time we will be honest with you and let you know if you have enough stuff. Many times people are amazed how full all the sales tables actually look after we pull everything out of the cupboards and drawers! If you need an out of area sale we will have you photograph the home contents and send us photos.

How fast can you do an estate sale?

We recommend at least 3 to 4 weeks for adequate advertising and pricing time, we literally hand price every item before a sale! However, we have been known to pull a successful sale together in a few days if needed.

Do you accept credit cards at your sales?

Yes! Absolutely we have found that people will spend more money at our sales because we accept both cash and credit cards. The credit card fees we pay are part of our %.

What about the items left over after the sale?

In most cases we will sell approximately 80% of the items for sale. If there is anything left over we can arrange to find a buyer for the remaining items, or you can donate it to a local charity.

Do you sell any items before the sale?

Otherwise known as pre-sale, No! When we advertise an item it will always be available when the doors open!

How many people usually come to your sales?
It depends on your location but on my worst attended sale, I still had 150 people come through per day. I spend A LOT of money on advertising and have a great following so on a typical sale, weather permitting, I will see anywhere from 200 to 400 people per day.

Can I set reserve prices on some high-end items?
Yes! We will work together to come up with a reasonable price to produce a sale. We can also place bid boxes on some higher end/higher-priced items allowing a buyer to submit their top-dollar price. At the conclusion of a sale, if a piece has not sold, you can review bids in the bid box and sell to the highest bidder.

I live out of the area so how will I know what you will price items for and when they sell, what the selling price was?
I use a computerized point-of-sale system at my estate sale. This system prints a decription, barcode, and price on sticker tags which will get affixed to E VERY item for sale in the home. If you are not around to eyeball the items in the home and see what I have priced things at, I can e-mail you a complete inventory list with desriptions and asking prices of every item for sale in the home. At the conclusion of a sale, when I mail you your check, I also include a complete accounting of every transaction, and can send you a list of every item sold along with the selling prices.