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We start by offering a FREE consultation to review the items you would like to sell and decide if an estate sale is the right avenue for you. If you will need to sell the home as well, I will give you a free valuation and market analysis. I will offer my professional opinion on how best to maximize proceeds of the real estate and personal property.

The most successful Estate Sales require planning and meticulous attention to detail by knowledgeable, experienced Estate Sale Professionals. We provide all of the resources needed to conduct a full-service, turn-key estate sale. Whether you are downsizing or selling an entire estate, we can help you!

Our fees for a traditional estate sale are 35 to 40%.

We use a state-of-the-art point-of-sale system to inventory, price, barcode and tag all items for sale in a home. Literally EVERY item to be included in a sale will have a sticker tag with barcode on it--whether it is a piece of furniture or a bottle of glass cleaner. We type in a category, description, and price for every item which gets printed on our price tags and logs an inventory for our client. When a buyer is ready to purchase their items, they bring them to the cashier who will scan in the barcode, log in the sale, and hand the buyer a printed receipt. There is never any mystery for our clients as to what sold and for how much--it's all done electronically and a full accounting is always given.

We also pay for all advertising, labor to price and display items, extra labor on sales days, etc. We pay for all credit card processing fees. We are licensed and insured and pay those fees as well. We have a contract that will spell out all final terms and fees as agreed upon. The contract must be signed and returned to us in order for Crimson Key estate Sales to commit to handling your sale and reserving a sales date.

Please call us today at (772) 913-0533 for a FREE consultation! You can also e-mail us at CrimsonKeyEstateSales@gmail.com